Custom Tours

We specialize in crafting custom tours to destinations around the world. We take pride in handcrafting an itinerary around your travel preferences, focusing on whatever might interest you. From hands on culinary tours, visiting local markets, historical research or have a cultural emphasis, you name it! Our expertise and resources are dedicated to meeting your unique needs, to create an ideal vacation just for you.

We can help craft travel experiences, such as sharing a meal with locals in Tamaki Maori village, New Zealand, tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, trekking through remote valleys of Bhutan, sleeping in a Bedouin tent in Jordan, attending a tribal ceremony in Ethiopia. Adventure related, hiking in the Swiss Alps, cycling through Tuscany.

Dream up an idea to celebrate the most important milestones in your life – Head off on a private tour with family or unforgettable reunions, couples get the one-of-a-kind honeymoons you dreamed of, spend time together with friends or loved ones, an anniversary, a retirement celebration, a family or alumni reunion, we will make sure this journey is made up of one in a lifetime experience and memories to cherish.