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Corporate Travel

Connect World Travel consultative approach builds a travel program around clients’ specific needs, rather than requiring them to conform to standardized processes. Unlike mega-agencies, Connect World provides personalized service that can’t be matched in nameless, faceless call centers. At Connect World each client is served by a dedicated team assigned to each account. With a reputation built on reliability and a commitment to excellence, Connect World offers its clients industry-leading products and services, and continuously seeks higher levels of performance. Connect World is a forward-thinking, innovative company with a focus on continually improving the customer experience.


A cruise is one convenient holiday where you won’t have to worry about catching your next flight as you travel from one destination to another, packing and unpacking your bags or making dinner or nightclub reservations.


Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime every time you cruise with us. We at Connect World Travel want to give you a holiday to remember, filled with special occasions and memorable moments. We offer packages to suit every taste and every budget. Your cruise fare includes your cabin, all standard meals, entertainment, onboard activities and more… Contact Us to bag the best deal!

Customized Tours

We specialize in crafting custom tours to destinations around the world. We take pride in handcrafting an itinerary around your travel preferences, focusing on whatever might interest you. From hands on culinary tours, visiting local markets, historical research or have a cultural emphasis, you name it! Our expertise and resources are dedicated to meeting your unique needs, to create an ideal vacation just for you.


We can help craft travel experiences, such as sharing a meal with locals in Tamaki Maori village, New Zealand, tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, trekking through remote valleys of Bhutan, sleeping in a Bedouin tent in Jordan, attending a tribal ceremony in Ethiopia. Adventure related, hiking in the Swiss Alps, cycling through Tuscany.


Dream up an idea to celebrate the most important milestones in your life – Head off on a private tour with family or unforgettable reunions, couples get the one-of-a-kind honeymoons you dreamed of, spend time together with friends or loved ones, an anniversary, a retirement celebration, a family or alumni reunion, we will make sure this journey is made up of one in a lifetime experience and memories to cherish.


Why Custom Designed Itinerary?

You love traveling but hate the idea of being stuck to an itinerary that does not meet to your travel plans. We can help design and personalize your tour from departure dates, destinations to suite your needs. Just let us know where and when you want to go, what you want to do and see, we’ll compile a trip just for you. Whether you are an individual, couple, family, small or large group, we will customize your tour to suit your specific tour duration, tour budget and any special custom requirements that you may have to ensure your dream vacation.



Custom Designed Tours are all about you

It is your selected destination, it is your life style, it is your vacation, it is your time.


Design Your Itinerary

We’ll help you design your own tour, whether that means coordinating your visit around a special event or adding excursions exclusively for you.


Make Your Tour Your Own

Tailor your trip to your interests and enjoy unique experience on a personalized tour every step of the way.


An Itinerary Built Around Your Passion

History, literature, wildlife – is there something that your group of friends, coworkers or family is especially intrigued by? Delve deeper into the things that fascinate you with an itinerary based on your interest.


Explore At Your Pace

Weather you`d like to take time to discover destinations or move quickly from place to place, we will plan an itinerary at a pace that works for your groups energy level.


Flexible Options

Choose the date that works best for you to travel and tell us what you`d like to do – we`re here to help make your dream trip a reality.


We’re always happy to answer your questions, because part of making sure you have a great experience is giving you the information you need. Our aim is to help you realize your dreams for the best vacations, across the world. Our commitment and enthusiasm will cater to all your travel needs from the first conversation with us about your interest in planning your tour, whether its in Europe, Africa, North America, India, or anywhere else, to the moment you arrive at your destination and upon returning home again, Connect world Travel is with you ensuring your well being throughout your journey.