ASTA(American Society Of Travel

Connect World participates in ASTA program, where members pledge to conduct their business activities in a manner that promotes the ideal of integrity in travel and agree to act in accordance with the applicable sections of the principles of the ASTA Code of Ethics.


BBB (Better Business

Connect World Travel has earned accreditation from BBB, for the company’s commitment to its customers and to the travel industry. BBB accreditation signifies that Connect World Travel is a trustworthy business that bases its business practices on integrity and performance.


BBB ensures that high standards of trust are not only set but also maintained. This accreditation shows that Connect World Travel meets high standards of business ethics.


Vacation.Com Member

We are a member of a Travel Leaders Group Company and North America’s largest vacation selling network. This close link gives us access to a wide range of specialist products, preferred rates, better access to availability, and are able to offer you the very best in term of accommodations, sightseeing and enriched cultural experiences.


ARC(Airline Reporting Corporation) Accredited

Connect World Travel is an ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) approved travel company.